Meet The Wanderluster Photographer Author: Selvi K


Hello world! Hello fellow travelers!

I am Selvi Krishnaraj & I confess to being bitten by the wanderluster bug. I started traveling late, something unfortunate, but its not something I regret as I did what I had to do as a daughter (and I still do!). Its always ‘better late than never’ and I am glad that I started the journey. I still have a long way to go but I am glad I took that first step.

Photography is the one true thing that I first became passionate about and still am & undoubtedly, my passion for photography since 2006 is the root for my wanderlustering state. Nature, food and people have always been the featured subject in my photography. Each & every single moment that I’ve spent with my camera lenses have transformed into magical moments and wonderful pixels that have permanently altered my view of the world we live in. My travel moments through my lenses have firmly been seated in my heart forever. It has taught me tremendous & valuable life lessons that no education or routine life could.

Traveling have made me realise that the only true four walls that exist are not those of your house but that of the world and that the people of the world everywhere and beyond the borders are your actual neighbors. Neighbors who warmly welcome you into their culture and life. Traveling, for me at least, is not merely ticking off the bucket’s list or one that makes you brag I’ve ‘been there done that’, it is the realisation that you get on the role that you play in the bigger picture. It is that humbling feeling you come to realise that you are nothing compared to the world and what it has to offer. That you are just a small minute part in the scale of things.

Traveling taught me that these moments you gather from your journey in this truly wonderful world is righteously priceless. It can never be adequately explained in words for someone to unravel. Only travel and travel alone can make you comprehend and grasp the sense of truly being one with the world and its people. For as long as I live and as I can, this is my everlasting wish – to travel and to see the world through my camera lenses.

So, if you have a heart (& mind for that matter. For the Thais, heart & mind is the same thing and I for one, have come to accept this wholeheartedly) that keeps saying ‘This is not me. What am I doing here?’, sit back and do listen carefully to what it has to say. Its not for long you can keep ignoring these voices because you, my friend, are a wanderluster & a gypsy at heart who are not meant to be ‘trapped’ by the four walls of your house or your office. You are meant to embark on your journey to see the world. The journey, which in reality, is one without an end.

So what am I saying? All I am saying is simply this; go and get your beautiful journey to no where. It is never too late. It is not impossible.

Do what makes you happy.

Do what matters to you.

Do lots of it & most importantly, Do it your way! 

This is my beautiful journey2nowhere…

where I wish to share my journey with you…

& who knows, we might cross paths in our respective journey…

If and when we do, let’s make it count. YOLO!

Until then,

Keep wanderlustering & travel safe.


Selvi K

P/S: All pictures in my site are taken by me (save for very little borrowed ones with due credit to its owner). I treasure my pictures dearly as you would have realised by now after visiting this page. I have not watermarked my pictures as I do not believe in its purpose (most of the time). So, if you need to use or reproduce my pictures, please at the least credit me as the photographer, as that is the only right thing to do.