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Our Travel Pact

I made a travel pact in 2013 with my two good friends. A pact to travel together at least once a year for as long as we can. As long as we are… Continue reading

My Travel Musts…

This was a recent travel talk that I’ve been having with some fellow travelers I met and even with some of my friends who loves traveling. What are some things you always do… Continue reading

My Bucket List

Everyone have bucket’s list. Even if you don’t actually realise it’s called bucket list, the moment you have a dream and a plan to do something, be it written down somewhere or just… Continue reading

Inspiring Travel Quotes for the Wanderlusters

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with quotes. For all of us who have this invisible string called the passion for traveling that ties us together, here is my own… Continue reading

Solo Female Traveler? No worries, travel away!

I shouldn’t have taken that long to finally pack my bag & get in that flight… all alone. After all, it is to one of the safest country in the world, New Zealand.… Continue reading

The Mountains Keep Calling Me

I used to be a ‘sea & beach girl’. I love the color blue. I love everything blue. Drop me by the beach & I can sit there for hours. Those who knows… Continue reading

The Place I Left my Heart Behind…

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.” To just sit there and take it all in. What an artist God is! How elaborate and fine His works are! Serenity will… Continue reading

2015 : The Year For Wanderlustings. More of it, I mean.

I have been away for way too long. Explaining why would seem like giving excuses but in between the time away from blogging I did what truly makes me feel alive;¬†what makes me… Continue reading

I Choose the Good, Beauty & Happiness

Is it wrong if I choose to see & accept only the good & beautiful as opposed to the bad & ugly, be it in people or the world? You can call me… Continue reading

This has to be meaningful

This has to be meaningful… I still remember the day I stood at the KLIA airport waiting to board my first flight way back in 2004. Never have I ever stepped into an… Continue reading