Lombok is not as popular as its’ neighbour island, Bali. I visited Bali way back in 2006 but did not even know the existence of Lombok till late 2014. Thanks to Air Asia, largely, which started flying to Lombok few years back, more Malaysians and travelers could wander to the less familiar Lombok.

The beauty of Lombok is undeniable.


Here are some pictures from my wanderlust to this surreal spot:


This is along the Kuta village stretch where the fishermen have their bangka boat for fishing.



A sight that I will never forget. In the midst of enjoying the beach, this happened! @Selong Belanak



Surfing is a big deal here as the waves are awesome at this side of the island @Selong Belanak



A moment I will cherish forever. Had a beautiful space and time to sit alone and appreciate what was unfolding in front of me, a splendid sunset in an unspoilt hidden gem! A moment of consciousness of appreciation for mother nature surged in me and I had the wake up call to stop and breathe every now and then by celebrating her. I made a mental note to remind myself that I need to wander as much as I can whenever I am able to. I also promised to return to this place when I’m much older to laze by the beach and appreciate a similar stunning sunset.



Make a visit to the Art village to learn how to weave the Batik. It was humbling to learn that the women here sit and do this for 8 long grueling hours every day only to be paid RM15 at the end of their shift! Here you can see Yanti patiently teaching my sister how to weave. Their strength and grit is simply admirable!



Narmada Park – where I learnt some disturbing facts from the past from the tour guide. This used to be a sacred place for the Royalties. It also happens to be the leisure park for the King in the dry season. I can’t help but feel the negative vibe I got from this place. It seems to tell some sad stories from centuries ago. 



Mount Rinjani peeking amidst the ‘natural guardians’ surrounding it. Bali is also visible from this look out point at Makam Batu Layar.



The spot where you can look-out for Mt Rinjani and Bali. A place called Makam Batu Layar.



Gorgeous view from the look-out place. The vast bluest of seas was exuberantly  parading its beauty to all the onlookers!



Oh well, boys will be boys.



A visit to Lombok is incomplete without taking a trip to the Gili islands. There are 3 Gilis, the Trawangan, the Meno and the Air. Trawangan is the most visited one and I can’t help but notice how commercialized the little island have become. Despite the overwhelming feeling I got from the noise and crowd, the beauty that the island itself has to offer is undeniable. It is indeed an alluring island.



Back in Lombok and back in a temple. Was quite an experience to silently witness the local Hindus paying their respect in the temple. The effort put in for this daily routine for most Hindu families is simply mind-blowing.



Just a regular daily scene in the busy island center in Lombok.



pura meru

Another park that is also a temple, if I’m not mistaken, is this beautiful Taman Mayura.



Was lucky to witness a local wedding ceremony where the Bride is seen walking here with the wedding procession.


It is surprising how the beauty of Lombok was kept under wraps for so long with Bali, its’ sister island taking all the credit. Finally the time has come for Lombok to shine for all its glory and I can’t help but pray that its’ beauty is kept unspoilt till the end of time and it remains the hidden gem it is which takes everyone by surprise.


Till we meet again,

Keep wanderlustering folks.

Stay safe.