This is long overdue. I wanted to share some pictures from my trip to Hatton few years back & I better do it before it is completely forgotten.

Please do click here: Hatton to learn more about this place as I will only be sharing some limited pictures here on this post rather than blog on my experience as I usually do.

So here are some shots of the popular tea plantation uphill ‘city’ located about 83km southeast of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.


View along the way to Hatton



The small town of Hatton where you can find various shops like textile shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and supermarkets.



View from one of the government office in Hatton where the railway track, houses and shops are visible.




Devon Falls is a must go if you are at Hatton. The view is indeed something precious!

devon falls1devonfalls2


St. Clairs Falls is another must go place in Hatton.

st clairs falls2

st clairs fall


Some authentic Sri Lankan dishes I tried in Hatton


Till we meet in another post,

Cheers & keep wanderlustering!