Charming Chiang Mai

19th June 2015 to 21st June 2015, memorable days I spent on a short getaway to Chiang Mai with my besties. On our annual besties trip.

Places we went:

1. Wat Chedi Luang

2. Mahamakut Buddist University & Wat Phant Ao

3. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

4. Hill Tribe Villages

I did not do any research before hand on this and was happy to just experience the encounter. After paying a high entrance fee (500 Bhat), I knew this has to be a commercialized tourist spot rather than the real village. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the beginning but I still did learn and had an awesome time having been given the opportunity to see, mingle and take photos of these beautiful ladies. Please do read or research more on this before eventually agreeing with any tour operators. Trip Advisor have some good real reviews that you can check out.

Here are some shots of the beautiful women I managed to get. Most were happy to pose for the camera while a few of the ladies were very reluctant and had to be asked a few times.

5. Hot Spring @ Chiang Rai

Too commercialized but does the work! Also had lots of stalls selling the usual stuff you can shop along Chiang Mai.

6. Chiang Rai White Temple – Wat Rong Khun

For those heading there thinking that it’s an actual temple to conduct prayers, you will be utterly disappointed as its actually a privately-owned art exhibit in the style of a Buddhist Temple. There’s an admission fee to be paid and if my memory serves me right it was a minimal sum of 50Bhat. The intricate design and carving of the temple was really something and to witness the whole of the wonderful White Temple beneath the blue sky with huge clouds was simply divine. It was as if the Gods were protecting the temple and indulging the people with a masterpiece painting. What a fabulous moment it was to stand there and witness it all.

7.  Mekong River & the Golden Triangle Park 

While in Chiang Mai, you can find plenty of tours offering a day trip to White Temple of Chiang Rai and then further up to the Golden Triangle Park. Mekong River is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia dividing Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. It also runs through Vietnam, Cambodia and China and is the world’s 12th longest river. It’s a highlight of the long trip as you get to get into the boat to cross the river to another country! Well, it’s not as if you magically see ‘everything’ in Laos by taking the boat but hey, you do cross a river and reach another country. It was quite an adventure for us as we went without realizing how risky it was for one of my bestie who was 5 months into her pregnancy. You will be welcomed into Laos by the usual stretch of stalls selling the usual stuff you can see everywhere in Thailand. It was also slightly overpriced compared to other places. After a quick walk and some shots, we were back on the boat. The Golden Triangle park itself where you can see the natural triangle delta separating the 3 countries was more fascinating for me and my friends. A beautiful Buddha stands divinely welcoming the visitors to the splendid spectacle that awaits. It was a beautiful scenery with the lush greenery surrounding the meandering river.

As I do in all my trips especially while in Thailand, I really enjoyed myself with some good authentic Thai food, some great bargain shopping and of course the therapeutic Thai massage.

I guess with the conclusion of this trip, I’ve visited Thailand the most times! I just heart Thailand so much.

Keep wanderlustering,