The Temples of Angkor

One of the most hauntingly impressive place I’ve been to has to be the majestic Angkor Wat. The pull that it has is just tremendous and is truly something that I can’t seem to explain. To stand there and to picture how the people and their King would have lived in the 12th century brought a flurry of bleary images to my mind. I mean, just imagine, it’s a gigantic spiritual abode built centuries ago with no aid whatsoever of the modern construction technologies or equipment and which remains as the largest religious monument in the world! Something totally beyond me. Something I cannot comprehend.

If there is something I know unmistakably is that Angkor Wat is a gem that everyone should treasure. Walk its full length at least once in your life time.

A few temples not to be missed will be:

i) Angkor Wat itself obviously. You wouldn’t want to miss to set sight and take in the overwhelmingly mesmerising largest religious temple in the world for anything. It took the great Suryavarman II & his men a whopping and painful 30 years to complete this wonder of world;


ii) Angkor Thom; you will be immediately overwhelmed at the audacity of the Khmer Empire that awaits you;

iii) the Bayon (my personal favourite) where you will find yourself surrounded by ‘faces’ everywhere you turn;

iii) Phnom Bakheng I couldn’t get there with the limited time we had but if you are a nature lover, this will simply blow you away. Imagine watching sunset over the grand temple with the surrounding forest as the background! Something out from the Indiana Jones movie!!;

iv) Ta Phrom, built by the King as residence for his mother; and

v) the Baphuon, the pyramidal temple.

The enthralling experience of walking the length of Angkor Wat and being mesmerized by its architectural grandeur and intricacies IS definitely something that everyone, regardless of race and religion, should do. The journey is simply out of this world!

Keep wanderlusting folks.