Our Travel Pact

I made a travel pact in 2013 with my two good friends.

A pact to travel together at least once a year for as long as we can. As long as we are able to walk on our own and think straight on our own! It’s to be fondly called ‘the BFF’s Wanderlust’, well at least in my mind…

So far, we’ve managed to ‘defeat’ our ever busy and hectic lifestyle and successfully honored the pact by traveling to Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai and Ho Chi Minh City together in 2013, 2015 and 2016 respectively. 2014 was a miss and I’m completely unaware now why it was a miss.

So, fast forward to somewhere still ‘early’ in 2018 (I know, yes, time flies!) I thought it might be apt for me to finally share here that my life took an unexpected unfortunate turn end of 2016 and ever since I’ve been juggling my time by wearing many hats among which one particular hat is extremely new, heavy and needs the most of my attention. There was a point where I ridiculously and painfully surrendered to the possibility of me not being able to travel at all or even if I could, as much as I would like it. Thank God my friends and loved ones put some sense into my emotional and weary head that no matter what happens, end of the day, only I can love myself the way I want and my happiness is eventually down to me myself. I have to care and love myself while doing what I do for my family and others around me. Travel has been the single most dominant happy factor in my life the past few years and to take that away from me would have mean pulling out the last light in me.

My dear friends being the ever caring and understanding friends they are, made a huge sacrifice to allow an exception to be made to our travel pact. Whole of last year I just couldn’t make myself available or ready for traveling. Such a bad BFF I’ve pushed to become, come to think about it.

BUT as if it’s meant to be God’s plan for me some further shocking incidents or even some revelation of sort had to happen in my life. I could not see the end of it, life was becoming even more strenuous and painful and I just couldn’t stay away from traveling any longer. My one and only passion that kept me going and still keeps me going! What is there to live for if you cannot do what makes you happy, what makes you come alive. To think about it now, I’m wondering how did I even think I could ‘stay away’ from traveling!

Well, to cut my ramblings short, I just COULDN’T stay away and I ended up wanderlusting to Boracay & Krabi within three months apart of one another. Boracay turned out to be the best beach experience I’ve ever had in my life. It was such an astounding wanderlust episode for me. The only regret is that I did not experience Boracay & Krabi with my two besties. Sometimes I feel like I’ve broken my pact and betrayed my friends by being selfish and traveling by not prioritizing my pact. I wonder if they ever felt or thought the same. I’m not sure when I shared my stories with one of them if I ever did mention with whom I went and why exactly I had to make the travel happen. So my dear sweethearts, I’m truly sorry for doing what I did without you gals and if it in any way dishonored our pact. I did what I had to at that moment to run away to breathe again and to find myself. Please do forgive this poor desperate wanderer.

2018 is here and our pact shall continue….