My Travel Musts…

This was a recent travel talk that I’ve been having with some fellow travelers I met and even with some of my friends who loves traveling. What are some things you always do in your travel? I’m not talking about the travel checklists that you do every time you travel, for example, like having your travel documents ready or seeing this place and doing that activity, bla bla bla… none of that routine stuff. I’m talking about a travel habit that you have consciously or unconsciously developed over the years & has become a ‘thing’ for you. I say unconsciously because you don’t really have it planned as a ‘to do’ item in your list but somehow you just happen to do it every time you travel, without you even realising it!

This question flashed before me one day while blogging & ever since then I’ve been asking this around because the answers, believe me, are really interesting and never fail to fascinate me. Some really surprise you & some makes you understand and get to know that person better, but hey, its not something that should make you judge a person. I, for one, seriously believe that no one should be judged for firstly, you are no one to judge another & secondly and most importantly, you are not walking in their shoe to really honestly get what they are going through.

So, today I will like to share my list of travel musts that I have developed over the years & seriously think will be added on as the years pass;

1) I buy fridge magnets for myself

I think most people might do this. I buy fridge magnets as a remembrance of the amazing place that I’ve just been to. Some people might buy some other specific things like coasters or key chains. I particularly like fridge magnets as I think, the fridge, where you place it, is one place you frequent everyday & smile as you are reminded of the fond memories of that place.


2)  I get myself a special ‘something’ from that place

I got my first tattoo in the country I spent 3 amazing years as a special something that shows my bond with the country, Singapore. I also got my very own Koru designed tattoo to permanently ink my love for New Zealand, at the paradise town, Queenstown. This could be even things as simple as a bag but because of an incident or some certain memories, it becomes a special something. I have a list of things I got simply because it was special but I shall not bore you all with the details!

3)  I watch movie

I love to watch movies coz I’m a movie geek, so to experience the whole movie-going thrill, I love to find the time to watch a movie at the place I am. I’ve even watched movies alone during my solo backpacking travels. I find it really fun & interesting, especially when you watch a really good impacting movie. I remember enjoying watching Lucy (after having sneaked in the famous Fernburger) & Into the Storm when I was in Queenstown and recently being really impacted after watching Brooklyn in Perth. All great movies especially Brookyln!

4)  I go for massage

This has really become a habit & a must do because I really really love massage. To experience the different massaging methods and style of each country has become more like a passion to me, I can say. More so when you are dead tired from all the walking after a day of exploring a new place. I think the only two place I couldn’t do this were in New Zealand & Australia. Perhaps because its an Asian thing, you don’t get to experience this much there. The one I love the most, so far, is Thai massage. Just pure bliss!

So, what are your travel musts? Please do feel free to share. It’s fun!