My Bucket List

Everyone have bucket’s list.

Even if you don’t actually realise it’s called bucket list, the moment you have a dream and a plan to do something, be it written down somewhere or just a hush hush secret dream inside you, that’s your bucket ‘list’. Bucket list is not just about traveling here or there nor is it just about doing this and that. It’s a dream that makes you come alive every time you think about it. It’s a reminder that life is not just about waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night.

As for me, my earliest recollection of having that dream in my mind was when I was 17. When I went traveling to Singapore alone. The excitement I got from figuring out where to turn and which train to get into just exhilarated me and I realised wholeheartedly then that life is so much more than just that four walls at home.

This has been the most exciting live list that I maintain which only recently I felt I should compile and reduce to writing & I must admit, it’s an excellent thing to do. Magic of writing things down that everyone keeps saying is actually true.

The past few years I’ve been lucky enough to tick off some of my dreams. My God, how good does it feel to make that strike! You not only get tonnes of satisfaction that I can’t even begin to describe, those moments just comes flooding back – all those memorable seconds… just priceless!

Here goes my bucket list which I really felt like sharing with you all. So, what’s yours? Do share & make my day please ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Play Holi in India;
  2. Go backpacking; ย Did my 1st backpacking to South New Zealand (29/8/14 to 19/9/14)ย 
  3. Backpacking alone; ย My 1stย backpacking experience was also my solo backpacking! (SNZ 2014)ย 
  4. Explore whole of New Zealand – the country I love the most!; Half done (2014) half more to go (North NZ, hopefully 2017)
  5. Be awestruck at Taj Mahal;
  6. Be a complete beach bum in Bora Bora;
  7. Gaze & be mind-blown by the Northern Lights;
  8. Explore Santorini;
  9. Walk ‘everywhere’ in Himalayas region;
  10. Solo spiritual wanderlust in Nepal;
  11. Have a deep conversation with a Sadhu (Nepal/India);
  12. Sky-diving against a scenic backdrop;ย  Sky-dived across glaciers, lake & with the Moon ‘smiling’ at me at Franz Josef Glaciers in New Zealand – AHHHmazing!ย 
  13. Bungee jump;
  14. Helicopter ride to view Mt.Everest’s peak;
  15. Stroll in a black sand beach;
  16. Do the snow angel;
  17. Lie down on glacier mountain; @ Franz Josef Glacier (NZ 2014)
  18. Walk the length of Great Wall of China;
  19. Be overwhelmed by the Cherry Blossoms/Sakura in Japan;
  20. Visit as many Lord Shiva temple around the world;
  21. Gondola ride in Venice;
  22. Sleep in a tree house;ย  stayed in a gorgeous tree-house in Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia (August 2010)
  23. Set foot in Antartica;
  24. Visit all 7 continents;
  25. Go parasailing against mountainous backdrop;
  26. Ride in hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey;
  27. Sleep under the stars;
  28. Stay in a stilt house to experience fishing adventure;ย  Stayed in a ‘Kelong’ off Sibu Island, Johor, Malaysia (March 2010)
  29. Go on an African safari;
  30. Get to the top of Eiffel Tower;
  31. Be wonderfully amazed by all the wonders of the world (old & new);
  32. Watch an Arsenal match @ the Emirates stadium in North London;
  33. Watch a World Cup match;
  34. Learn to play a music instrument;
  35. Learn to swim well;
  36. Set a beautiful mini-library in my house with all my books collection;
  37. Learn & speak at least 2 more languages;
  38. Go to Adele & Shreya Goshal’s live concert;
  39. Play or spend time with Pandas (can’t resist their cuteness!!!);
  40. Watch an internationally acclaimed musical; watched The Lion King @the Grand Theater, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (March 2011) – want to watch more for sure!
  41. Visit as many countries as I can (of course!)

& here are some pics of me living my dream ๐Ÿ™‚


Finally! Was a difficult one, but made it… Backpacking, alone.


The stilt house/Kelong where I stayed for a night off Sibu Island, Johor, Malaysia


The gorgeous tree-house that I stayed in Melina Beach Resort, Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia


Sky-diving across Franz Josef Glacier, South New Zealand


Couldn’t do the Ice Angel here but at least did this! What a feeling… @Franz Josef Glaciers


What else do I need? Beautiful NZ that I’ve explored (half for now). Can you see the 6 different colours & element in this 1 pic? This is my fave lake in NZ, Lake Pukaki.


Amazing experience watching The Lion King musical.

What’s your bucket list?