Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa Island remains the most popular island getaway to many locals as well as tourists. In fact, it is growing in popularity by the day more so in the past few years with the addition of world class features like theme park; Universal Studio and casino; Resorts World Sentosa. To some, its beautiful beaches alone appeal while to some it has become too crowded due to all the commercialization. Personally for me, depending on what you look for, Sentosa does not disappoint. If you can tolerate the crowd and heat, you will surely be in for an interesting adventure in a tiny fascinating island. Perhaps the word ‘Sentosa’, which means ‘peace & tranquility’, might not be apt for it at the present time, but I do personally think that you will be thrilled with your every moment there. Its not for nothing that the tiny island attracts around 20 million people yearly!

How to get in:

There are many ways to enter the island but I would say the easiest would be the MRT. All you have to do is take the North-East Line (the Purple colored line) MRT to Harbour Front station. From there make your way to Level 3 of Vivocity, where you will find the Sentosa Express monorail. Frequency of this express is approx every 5-8 minutes from 7AM to 11:45PM daily. The Sentosa Pass is available at S$4 per entry at the Sentosa Express station. You can also enter the island via Sentosa Express using your ez-link card. Read here for more details on this method of getting in to Sentosa.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper way, try taking the SMRT bus for $2 by taking bus no RWS 8 from VivoCity or the HarbourFront MRT station. Read here for more details.

The new Cable Car Sky Network connects Faber Peak Singapore and Sentosa. You can get double value (for Mount Faber line & Sentosa line) for just $29 for adults and $18 for children. Read here for latest info on this cable car service.

You can also enter by taxi or private car. A flat gantry admission charge is applicable to each taxi entering Sentosa. Admission charges vary according to time period. Maybe this option will work best for those who wants to avoid crowd at the Sentosa Express or other options where you will have to queue for long.

Now, you can also get into Sentosa on foot via the Sentosa Boardwalk. It’s a leisurely stroll from VivoCity Shopping Mall’s waterfront promenade, made easy by two-way canopy-covered travellators.

Read here for more details on not just the Sentosa Boardwalk but also on all the available ways to get in Sentosa.


So what do you do once you get in?

1) Be a beach bum, of course! (Those who knows me will know why this comes 1st for sure!)

There are 3 beaches here. The most famous & happening one (with the clubs and restaurants) being the Siloso Beach. Read here for more on Siloso. Palawan is apt for families with kids for some fun time together. Read here for more on Palawan. Lastly, the Tanjong beach. This is the quietest beach where you can expect some quiet quality time with your partner. Read here for more on Tanjong. Kayak, zip-line & volleyball are some of the activities available here.

Some pics of the beaches from my last trip:

2) Get your adrenaline rushing @ the awesome Universal Studio

The name speaks volume so I don’t have to say much! Of course, some might complaint of the crowd and heat but seriously, theme parks & crowds in Singapore, surely right? If these really troubles you then perhaps its not ideal to go on public holidays and weekends.

Read here to know all about Universal Studio, Singapore & keep up-to-date of the attractions/rides availability.

Some pics from my visit with family:

3) Spend the days @ the Resorts World Sentosa Attractions 

You will be spoilt for choices. Just make sure you have the time & money to enjoy these attractions. They are just too good to miss & truly worth every penny. Universal Studio is also part of the Resorts World Sentosa but that deserves a special mention on its own. Its just too good, for everyone, seriously, especially for adults like you and me 🙂

Some of the popular attractions are Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island, S.E.A Aquarium & the Lake of Dreams.

Click  here to learn more of the choices.

4) Get to the Imbiah Lookout

So what can you do here? Plenty! There are 11 attractions all in one location at Mount Imbiah. Imbiah Lookout is the ‘product’ of the latest effort under the country’s initiative of making Sentosa a more attractive place. From traditional iconic spots like the Sentosa Merlion to world class reputed & famous attraction like Madame Tussauds, this initiative has definitely hit the right chord with locals and tourists.

Please click the attractions tab of Sentosa’s webpage to learn more about all these fabulous attractions.

Some pics from some of the attractions:

                        Sentosa Merlion

Butterfly Park

Along the Imbiah Lookout walkway

5) Visit Siloso Point

If you have kids and want to spend some fun educational quality time with them, this would be a great choice. Some of the places of interest here are the Fort Siloso and the mind-blowing Underwater World of Singapore & the Dolphin Lagoon.

Underwater World of Singapore & the Dolphin Lagoon

6) Some ‘activities’ to splurge on if you are keen

Golfers will also find Sentosa appealing as there is a famous world class award winning golfing course here. While the family strolls around Sentosa & are having fun with the numerous activities available, the golfer in you can golf away at the Sentosa Golf Club.

Those wanting some TLC for themselves after the thrilling & tiring activities can also pamper themselves at the numerous spas available around Sentosa.

Maybe ‘splurging’ is not the apt word for trying out your luck in the Casino but a large crowd actually enters Sentosa only to head straight to the Casino :). But hey, there is no harm in slotting a ‘just visiting a casino’ plan in your island vacation.

SO, no matter what brings you to Sentosa, its guaranteed that you will not be bored. Just book your accommodation in advance as Sentosa is always packed especially so during the festive seasons. Bring lots of sunscreen and of course money. They have some world class attractions here and of course it doesn’t come cheap!

Have lotsa fun!

Adios… till we meet again.