The Mountains Keep Calling Me

I used to be a ‘sea & beach girl’. I love the color blue. I love everything blue. Drop me by the beach & I can sit there for hours. Those who knows me well would know by now that nature is my specialty, I mean that’s what I have always loved to capture & frame forever. A visit to my Flickr site will tell u this Then came the change. I still love nature but now I feel so strongly that I am moving, I am shifting from the sea girl that I’ve always been to the mountain girl!

I constantly feel like I want to be surrounded by the mountains. I feel, no, I know the mountains are calling me. Calling FOR me! At first I just brushed it off saying its probably because of my love for the Middle Earth, New Zealand, which started in January 2010. Yeah, I even remember the exact moment when it happened! All alone in my office in Singapore, the first week of January, I was questioning what was I doing there, trapped in four walls which helps me make money but day by day lose my soul! Images of mountains keep flashing before me as if giving me some signals. I was already into photography and nature by then & this just made me curious to understand more as to why I was feeling the way I was feeling. All that images and questions and feelings eventually ‘brought me’ to New Zealand. One thing led to another & I got my 9 months visa to work & travel in New Zealand. I was elated but at the same moment I was constantly feeling wary thinking if I can eventually do it. Being away all alone in a far foreign land for 9 months?!! But then & there I knew well that this IS my chance & ticket to answer the calls by the mountains. All that joy soon turn out never to be. I have no one to point or no solid reason to tell why I did not use that ticket. My heart took a beating from my mind and made me stay in that dreaded money making four walls – my office! My one answer, as I thought back then, to answer these calls, was erased forever! It will remain one of my biggest regret in life. Life is indeed a funny ride one can ever take. You never know what ‘could have been’ IF you ‘should have’ or ‘had’ done something. To date I am not fully able to forgive myself for letting that ticket go unused but I managed to successfully drown the mountains ‘voices’ with my mundane daily routines which of course, didn’t make me any ‘rich’ by the day. Fast forward to 2014, the day I watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, ‘the mountains’ came calling me again & this time it was even louder and from calls it slowly turned to questions. What are you waiting for? All it takes is just that one step, shake off what is holding you down! SO, just like that, I ‘skyscanned’ and got the best flight deal for my New Zealand trip. I am making it happen this time! So what if my nine months ticket is gone. The mountains never went anywhere. Its always been there! From that first click, many more clicks were made – my mode of transportation, where to go, what to do, how to do it, where are the mountains. Lots & lots of clicks (clicks of my mouse I mean) later, I was totally ready to set out to my journey to answering my mountains call. My solo journey that made me realise its never too late to make that first step. All you need is just that one push, no matter how small or silly that push can be. Mine has always been there but THE final push that pushed me off my comfort zone to make me take that one step happens to be the visual treat through Walter Mitty’s experience. Well, that will answer some of the questions running through some friends mind which could have even led them to label me as impulsive.

You know I’ve spent hours doing research on my first solo journey but nowhere in the entire internet universe did I read that this is what is going to greet & welcome me on my journey.That moment when my flight first reached the air space of New Zealand is forever etched on my mind.  Can you imagine that moment or the feeling that went through me when this is to be my first sight of New Zealand, the place I’ve been so drawn too?

There they were! The majestic mountains that have been calling me. That feeling is beyond expression, beyond being imagined & definitely beyond beautiful.

My three weeks there flew by as I made my ways through the long winding roads, with the mountains faithfully following me all the way. All those hours of countless happy moments, countless soul defining moments, all those new faces and characters, made me realise how majestic the mountains are truly. It made me fly to the middle earth, to stand face to face with it and humble me with my existence and teach me that the four walls will only be there for so long as you let yourself feel trapped in it. How massive the mountains are!

When I left NZ, my heart was heavy wondering if the four walls are going to be back there waiting to trap me and that there will be no more mountains for me to look up to. That was the most difficult good bye, even though I knew its not a permanent good bye. Every one asked me, why did you just do South NZ when you could have seen both as much as you could. I said I love NZ too much & she deserves more time. Every single corner of her! But indeed the real reason was that I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away for too long from the mountains. The North mountains waits to greet me now. I know it wouldn’t be long this time around for me to answer their calls as I’ve had my ‘last push’ & ‘first step’ already made!

But as they say, human beings can never be content with what they have though we can learn to be content. I for one am very sure I want to be the normal human being and be true to my mankind and NOT be content because there is just no way for me to ever stay away from these beautiful moments outside the four walls. I will travel for as long as I continue to hear the mountains calling me. My mountains are my soul reminding me of my wanderlust that can never be satisfied. In fact more than ever, my mountains calls are nothing but wonders to me as it taught me to take a step back and look at how I have been treating my body. The mountains are also my teacher that have taught me that being fit is the only way to keep answering the mountains calling. How else am I ever going to walk during my Ladakh – Himalayas mountain calls answering journey?? 🙂

The mountains keep calling me & I am blessed I am one of the lucky ones. Some might find this weird but wanderlusts everywhere would understand me. For me its the mountains, for you it could be the new faces that you meet along the way. Either way, I am happy I have shaken off the four walls & to realise that every step I make onward, is that one step closer to answering my mountains calls.

I am curious to know if there is anyone else out there feeling the same as I do. Do you hear mountains calling you too? Are you attracted to mountains? Would love to hear from you!

How can I sign off without sharing with my fellow wanderlusts all those moments of being awestruck & being humbled by the mountains witnessing all these: