2015 : The Year For Wanderlustings. More of it, I mean.

I have been away for way too long. Explaining why would seem like giving excuses but in between the time away from blogging I did what truly makes me feel alive; what makes me the happiest and keeps me going: Wander! I finally made my dream solo backpacking trip to New Zealand a reality. Though it was only for 3 weeks, I feel a lifetime of satisfaction – yet the yearning to go back is constantly there. An irony that only wanderlusts would understand!

So, here we are in another new beginning. Another 365 pages to fill – with all the colorful experiences that life showers on us    – with all the wanderings that feeds your soul – with all the faces and characters – to make your journey a meaningful one along the way.

Here’s wishing all wanderlusts out there a great year for more meaningful wanderings, for your wanderlust thirst never to be quenched (sounds cruel, I know, but we wanderlusts love it!).

I end here, for now, my first entry of the great wanderlusting year 2015, with :

Wanderlust Burns in My Heart… 

I desire to see the world,

from the majestics of mountains,

to the lowest of valleys,

walk a thousand step, see a thousand face,

Go searching, I shall…

to the colors that awaits me,

to the roads that welcomes me,

to the sea and sky that smiles to me

Go wander I shall,

for wanderlust burns in my heart…

for wanderlust burns in my heart…

for wanderlust burns in my heart…

AND these priceless pictures sums it all up for me: Wanderlust!