This has to be meaningful

This has to be meaningful…

I still remember the day I stood at the KLIA airport waiting to board my first flight way back in 2004. Never have I ever stepped into an airport before that. Not to bid farewell to a loved one, not to sight-see and be awed by the grandiose of it all. Not ever. I stood there alone, a naive girl excitedly waiting to board the flight that started it all. Fast forward to year 2006, I stumbled into what I would succinctly say as something that brings me & keeps me alive; Photography. My stumbling turned passionate when I was ‘hand-held’ and brought into the real world of photography by a men who will forever be in my heart. A great teacher and photographer, who inspired me with all I have & am in my world of photography. My journey is indeed inspired by his vision, a man who proudly name himself the man with ‘ajourneytonowhere’. It was back in March 2006 that I started this journey with my camera. My journey have not been a smooth one & definitely not an uninterrupted one but all the whirlwinds, the thrills and the challenges have made me a stronger person, more appreciative, more alive and above all, made me the wanderluster & the photographer that I am today.

This has to be meaningful…

this is my first blog, another new journey that I am happily and readily plunging into.

this has to be me acknowledging the wanderer and shutterbug that I have become, the one thing that feeds my soul,

this has to be me paying tribute to all those who made their mark in my heart and journey,

this has to be my gratitude & love to all of you. You know who you are. THANK YOU.

this has to be my beautiful journey to no where.